Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the process that allows companies to integrate all available digital technologies into their activities.

These technologies are intended to improve many things within companies and together they allow them to continue their growth. We are always looking to sell better, to better meet customer needs and above all to deliver the right information at the right time.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Nowadays, companies are faced with the proliferation of content. Files, website, invoices, customer data, messages… All this information is only growing, has heterogeneous structures, comes from different channels and can relate to several services. These properties make their management very difficult at the level of a company. Faced with this complexity, it is necessary to implement a global strategy to make the best use of this data. This is what ECM, or Enterprise Content Management, is trying to solve.

Logic Empower Enterprise Content Management

An approach that has its advantages

Improve staff and business efficiency
Work automation and collaboration
Enhance business processes
Monitoring and controling
Increase your customer satisfaction
Cost optimization

IoT and Home Automation with Google Assistant

Control and monitor your home or your office from your mobile device. You just need a little budget, a WiFi internet connection, some devices and our experts. 

Smart Home

You can control any device

All type of lights
Water Pumps
Water Heaters

You can set your own schedules, timers and rules (routines). 

WiFi Camera

P2P WiFi Cameras

APP remote monitoring
360° wide viewing angle
Full HD 1080P images recording
Accurate motion detection
Enhanced infrared night vision
Two-way communication/div>
Real-time activity alert