Data Management

Business Intelligence

Give your DATA more value

Business Intelligence (BI) is the set of tools and methods aimed at transmitting relevant information to business managers. Its goal is to help them understand their environment and support them in their strategic decision-making.

At Logic Empower, we will help you to:
Define your needs, objectives and the scope of the BI project
Choose your methodology, with the possibility of opting for an agile approach
Choose your business intelligence tools and share your action plan
Organise reporting and (well) transmit information

Data Warehouse, ETL and Data Migration

A Data Warehouse is a relational database designed for queries and data analysis, decision-making and business intelligence activities more than for transaction processing or other traditional uses of databases.

In addition to a relational database, a Data Warehouse environment integrates a data extraction, transport, transformation and loading (ETL) tool. There is also an online analytical processing engine (OLAP), client analysis tools, and other applications to manage the processing of collected data.

One of the main features of a Data Warehouse is that the information is classified by subject (customers, products, etc.). In fact, what really defines a Data Warehouse is the type of data it contains and the people who use it.

Data Migration

Data Migration refers to the transfer of data between different types of file formats, databases and storage systems. However, “transfer” is not the only aspect of the data migration methodology. If the data is diverse, the migration process includes mappings and transformations between source and target data. Above all, the quality of the data must be assessed before migration to ensure successful implementation. The success rate of any data migration project depends directly on the diversity, volume and quality of the data transferred.

Data Cleansing

Across all industries, businesses can now use analytics to transform the data at their disposal into information they can use to make strategic decisions. However, any wrong or corrupted data can have dire consequences.

This is why it is recommended to perform data cleaning beforehand, also known as Data Cleansing. This practice removes from the database all potentially incorrect, incomplete, poorly formatted or duplicated data.

Obviously, it is unthinkable to manually clean a database that sometimes includes several million pieces of data. Fortunately, there are many Data Cleansing tools that can automate data cleaning through rules and algorithms.

Data Entry

Logic Empower Data Entry

Lack of resources and/or time? we can help you filling your Data in a correct way:

Data analysis and creation of lists, overviews and reports
Management of a quality database through data cleaning
 Text control in terms of spelling, grammar, word usage and punctuation
Digitization of information and documents
 Data encoding, processing and control, e.g. complete client files, enter incoming orders or invoices, draw up medical or legal reports