From Strategy to Implementation

Logic Empower Consultancy

Our mission is to offer technical solutions to your organisation wishing to develop its information system. 

Based on our specialization in new information and communication technologies, we can help optimizing your intranet, internet, computer machinery, website, mobile application…

IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization.
Hire an expert to fulfil a temporary need in your daily work
Be more agile from your organisation skills perspective
 Get your required specialized skills in less cost

Project Management Consultancy

Our PMP certified project managers are here to support your organisation’s projects in order to:

Assure Design Scope
Stay on Budget
 Assure Time Schedule
Ensure Compliance
Ensure Sustainable and Successful Operations
Maintain Management and Focus on Core Business

What are the added values of our Project Management Consultancy?

Better Efficiency in Delivering Services
Improved / Increased / Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
 Enhanced Effectiveness in Delivering Services
Improved Growth and Development Within your Team
Greater Standing and Competitive Edge
Opportunities to Expand your Services
Better Flexibility
Increased Risk Assessment
Increased Quality and QUantity