Covid-19: Digital transformation is a matter of survival for companies

Covid-19 illustration

While the world are confining themselves because of the Coronavirus, companies with capabilities have started teleworking in order to continue their activity in complete safety. Unfortunately, in this current economic climate, many companies have to temporarily stop their activity, or else are forced to continue their journey due to a lack of digitization.

The Covid-19 therefore leads us to completely rethink the way we work. Encouraging telework actions, digitizing the tools and internal processes of the company is today at the center of the discussions. Digital transformation has never been so high a priority for companies, it has become a question of survival.

To survive, but also to prepare for complex economic climates, the digital transformation of companies is the most suitable solution. In this article, we explain the challenges and the benefits of digitizing your business today.


What is digitalization?

Digitization and digital transformation are expressions that we use frequently, but which very often remain vague for some people. Digitization can thus be defined as the transformation of traditional processes, tools or even professions using new technologies.

Currently, we can distinguish 3 digital transformation approaches:

  • The business approach which consists of transforming the tools necessary to carry out the tasks of your employees.
  • The organizational approach which consists of the transformation of your organizational processes which are based on new technologies.
  • The customer approach which consists in offering a satisfying digital customer experience in order to support your online customers and acquire new customers. 

Why is digital transformation an issue for your business?

Digital transformation is a major challenge for companies, 33% of them already consider that without turning and transforming their business model today, in our stable economic context, their activity will cease in the next 5 years. If we extrapolate this data to the current economic context, linked to the Coronavirus, we would realise that the digitalization of companies is more than necessary to be able to continue their activity next week, or even tomorrow.


To adapt your business model

Today, the digitalization of companies is no longer a cultural need to adapt to the consumption and lifestyle of digital natives, but an economic need to allow companies to survive complex economic conditions.

We can take as an example the whole educational field which must completely rethink the way it trains students. It is not a simple change of tool, we need to rethink the way of delivering lessons with digital, in order to avoid that parents are alone confronted with learning like today, but also to avoid the many bugs that occurred for the first day of school at home.

The possibility of creating interactive applications and at the level of each cycle is just as essential to facilitate understanding and access according to the age of the schoolchild or student.

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To improve the performance of your employees

In addition, the digital transformation of your business allows you also to improve the performance of your employees. How? Quite simply, because digitalization involves, among other things, the dematerialization of some of your internal procedures which allows your employees to work more efficiently.

For example, the administrative departments of SMEs often use a large number of software programs to carry out their work related to accounting, human resources management, management control, etc. Using a single platform for all of its services is often a time saver that improves performance. Indeed, you will find all the necessary data and work on the same platform.

SaaS-like platforms that are operating software installed on servers can also allow you to work remotely if necessary. A gain in efficiency which also allows you to grant telework to your employees. You just need a protected Internet connection that is necessary.